Discover the herb of renewal flourishing in your dreams!
Bereavement Dreaming
and the Individuating Soul
by Geri Grubbs

This eventful book is a touching presentation of the dreams you have following the sudden death of a loved one.  It is a deep look at the grief process that is expressed in your nightly dreams.  When you lose a loved one, the experience is both mythical and personal.  Grubbs explores the archetypal aspect of the death experience as well as the personal, which arises in the particular healing path you take.  Both realms blend in the dream space where you may encounter your lost beloved.  Here you can find comfort and renewal as well as participate in your beloved’s own growth along his or her own soul journey.  Grubbs presents several personal stories of people who have worked through their grief by discovering and using the soul’s wisdom hidden in their dreams.  Her description of Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration provides an insightful example of how other cultures accept death as part of the life process.  She includes suggestions to help you catch your dreams and honor them and your departed loved one so you can grow in a healthy direction from the experience.

...An inspiration for those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one and for caring friends, family, and those in the “helping professions” who want fresh insights to share with their bereaved clients and patients.  Dr. Grubbs’ analyses of several  people’s dreams form a major focus, but her subject is not limited to dream work.  This insightful book guides the reader’s understanding of bereavement in a way that could come only from one who has learned first hand – that is, “the hard way” – how to cope and to heal from within. — Louise Carus Mahdi, Jungian analyst, editor of Betwixt & Between           

...A wise guidebook for when tragic loss plunges the living soul into grave liminality and opens the door to transformation. Murray Stein, Ph.D., author of Transformation: Emergence of the Self

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The Sandplay Categorical Checklist
for Sandplay Analysis
by Geri Grubbs, Ph.D.

The SCC is a sandplay assessment tool composed of qualitative, descriptive categories that amplify aspects of sandplay construction.  It contains a detailed listing of all known modes of expression in the making of a sandtray with a focus on patterns of change from one sandtray to the next.  The checklist was originally constructed for the purpose of analyzing and comparing the sandplay process of abused and nonabused children.  This unique checklist is especially useful for beginning sandplay therapists seeking guidelines for sandplay analysis, for advanced therapists desiring an in-depth and thorough study of a specific sandplay process, and for research in sandplay therapy. 

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