Exploring the Wisdom of Our Dreams
Saturday, January 10 and 24, 9:30-12:00
Ananda Meditation Temple in Bothell
Call 425-806-3700 to register

Ananda Temple

Our dreams speak a universal language that comes to us in the service of health and wholeness.  It is believed that they originate from the Self, the divine within that not only supports the purpose of our existence, but provides respite and guidance in our lives. 
In this 2-morning workshop, we will discuss:

  • the history and spiritual tradition of dreams
  • why and how we dream, and its different levels, as explained by Paramhansa Yogananda
  • their purpose and function in our lives
  • how to remember, record and incubate our dreams
  • using our dreams to deepen and guide our spiritual journeys
  • ways to interpret our dreams and sacred symbols
  • how to extend a dream symbol through creative expression and active imagination

On the second morning, you will have the opportunity to process a dream you have through the association method, and if desired, through a group process.

Bring a significant, recurring, or recent dream and we’ll process it together on the second morning.  And if you don’t have a dream or even dream at all, then this workshop will certainly inspire dreams to come to you for introspection and guidance. 

Sandplay Consultation Group For Psychotherapists and Interns
Monthly group meets on Saturdays
Cottage Lake in Woodinville
$50 per session – limited to 6 participants

Group will begin with 5 registered participants (please telephone if interested).

Groups meet at Cottage Lake on Saturdays

Participation in a monthly consultation group will advance your understanding of the sandplay process with both children and adults and will help you use sandplay more effectively in your clinical practice.  It will also earn you credit hours toward ISST/STA certification if that is your desire.  

For further information, telephone Geri at 425-844-8194.

Dream Groups

All dream groups are limited to six participants.  In addition to dream processing that involves the entire group, meetings include meditation, guided imagery, and advice and guidance in extending dream symbols through active imagination.  You will also gain knowledge and skill in working with your dreams on your own.  Group atmosphere is non-threatening, safe and contained with an honoring of the pace of each individual. 

Cost for a 3-month group process is $420 ($35 per session). 
Payments are made in full when registering or in 3 monthly installments. 
Group meets at Grubbs’ home office at Cottage Lake in Woodinville. 
For further information, telephone 425-844-8194.

Life in Transition Dream Group
Group will begin with 5 registered participants
(Please telephone if interested) 

Life entails change and generally it begins with new stirrings or dissatisfactions in areas that are important to us.  Our night-time dreams reflect these stirrings with images of new directions and future possibilities.  Working with our dreams provides meaning and guidance for us at this crucial time because dreams come from the source that supports the purpose and intention of our existence. 
In this 3-month weekly group, you will be guided in processing the dreams that come to you, helped in understanding their meaning to what you are seeking in your life, and supported in applying what you learn to your life goals.  Within the containment of the group, you will also confront your dark side and find positive ways to integrate it within your being. 

Recovery From Bereavement
Group will begin with 5 registered participants
(Please telephone if interested)  

We do not lose communication with our loved ones when they die; often they may come to us in our dreams.  Dreams in which the bereaved have encounters with the deceased is not uncommon and may continue for years following the loss of a loved one.   Such after-death contacts are a valid means of working through grief.  Bereavement dreams tend to be quit vivid, often contain important messages, and provide peace and comfort for us.  The focus of this small weekly group will be on resolving unfinished business with our lost loved one (child, spouse/lover, parent), working through the intense feelings that are a part of the loss, and looking towards future possibilities in our life.

Participation in this group will, most likely, increase the dreams you have about your loss and your lost love.  You will then be guided in working with these dreams or your feelings in the best way that encourages your healing and renewal.